Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rylan LOVES to dance!!!

Rylan turned 4yrs old on July 15th and he and his brother are the biggest blessings we will ever receive! They continue to amaze me every single day.

Rylan is very excited about the fact that he is going to 4K this year at school! He'll go 2 full days a week, and will ride the bus with Cameron. He is enjoying Martial Arts classes that he just started and is going to be one of those kids that will be good at almost any sport he tries! He can play football, basketball, golf, wrestling, karate, and he loves swimming! In fact, he holds his breath under water for up to 10 seconds and can already so specific swimming strokes!!! He keeps his eyes wide open and will lunge off a diving board! He is a dare devil and that is something I'm not so sure about. : ) Cameron is going into 2nd Grade, which also blows my mind. He just lost his 7th tooth and is doing incredible. He's had a great summer and has participated in some day camps and swimming lessons. Unlike Rylan, he's not a big sports kid, but he loves the Boy Scouts and being outdoors. He's extremely active and loves helping on the farm. He still loves trains and talks about them every day. I think he's found a life long hobby... or maybe a career?

I had to try to get some video posted of Rylan! He absolutely loves to dance, and this child can keep a beat! I caught some quick video of him with my camera. This is pretty "mild" dancing compared to how he normally is. He was kind of tired, but still managed to get in to it. He's playing with a toy he got for his birthday from my parents. Now you'll have these songs stuck in your head like I do!!!


Christine said...

Love, luv luv this video clip! Rylan sure does have a good sense of rhythm...I do believe that was either a future drummer or guitar player!

Lisa said...

He is sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

Paul said...

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