Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rylan LOVES to dance!!!

Rylan turned 4yrs old on July 15th and he and his brother are the biggest blessings we will ever receive! They continue to amaze me every single day.

Rylan is very excited about the fact that he is going to 4K this year at school! He'll go 2 full days a week, and will ride the bus with Cameron. He is enjoying Martial Arts classes that he just started and is going to be one of those kids that will be good at almost any sport he tries! He can play football, basketball, golf, wrestling, karate, and he loves swimming! In fact, he holds his breath under water for up to 10 seconds and can already so specific swimming strokes!!! He keeps his eyes wide open and will lunge off a diving board! He is a dare devil and that is something I'm not so sure about. : ) Cameron is going into 2nd Grade, which also blows my mind. He just lost his 7th tooth and is doing incredible. He's had a great summer and has participated in some day camps and swimming lessons. Unlike Rylan, he's not a big sports kid, but he loves the Boy Scouts and being outdoors. He's extremely active and loves helping on the farm. He still loves trains and talks about them every day. I think he's found a life long hobby... or maybe a career?

I had to try to get some video posted of Rylan! He absolutely loves to dance, and this child can keep a beat! I caught some quick video of him with my camera. This is pretty "mild" dancing compared to how he normally is. He was kind of tired, but still managed to get in to it. He's playing with a toy he got for his birthday from my parents. Now you'll have these songs stuck in your head like I do!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Steamboat Days!

Rylan enjoying a ride at Steamboat Days!
And we wonder where Rylan learns most of what he does, Cameron and my neice Eryn set REAL good examples for him!

Cameron taking part in his first tractor pull in the 7yr old group. There were some BIG kids in this category! He did a great job and was so happy to have participated.
Here is Rylan in his first tractor pull too! John is in he green shirt standing in front of him. He was SO excited... but do you know what excited him more?
Winning this 3rd place trophy!!! You should have seen his face, it was priceless! The first thing he said when we walked to to the table to register (that had the trophy's on it), was if he could have one. We explained what he needed to do, and he did it! They put weights on the back of these tractors to make them heavy, and our little power house did it! His age group was 4yrs and under... so some kids were nearly an entire year older than him. I was very proud to have seen him participate, and that he also wasn't fazed having been beaten by a girl who took 1st place. : ) But you know what made me even prouder? It was the fact that when Cameron didn't win one, he was still so proud of his little brother and bragged him up! And then Rylan let Cameron carry his tropy around and he even let Cameron take it the next morning to summer school to show to his buddies!. I have to say, that was my trophy! I am so proud of both of them!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Schools Out For The Summer!

I can't believe how fast time goes by. Seems like I never get a chance at much computer time anymore. There is always something to do, or something going on. Besides the fact that I normally go to bed not long after the kids because we're up so darn early!

Cameron just finished 1st Grade, and I am so proud of him! The year got off to a rough start. Lots of major adjustments for him, and he doesn't adapt to change easily. But by late October we were on track, and he was loving school. So much so that his last 2 weeks of school he almost dreaded. He didn't want it to end. He has a super teacher and loved all his classmates! The last day of school was even a little emotional! But he's now jumped into the summer routine quite well : ) He's all full-time daycare with Rylan, and it's great! One stop for me in the morning too which I like heaven. I get up at 5am now! We did enroll Cameron in summer school, which starts Monday and goes for two full weeks. It's only for 2 hours but he has some other friends going, and besides getting some help with math and reading readiness, they'll be doing some fun things too! He's looking forward to it (so more running for me during the day). Then in July our County just implemented some really cool summer programs. They are offering two choices, same class in different cities.... and it's all about being a PIRATE! So mid July he'll attend this day camp from 12:30-4:00pm. More running, but so worth it! It's getting his feet wet a little for more things like this. Cameron did complete his 1st year of Boy Scouts and loved it! So he's joined for next year too. We hope to get him enrolled in some summer swimming lessons too. He loves swimming, being outdoors, farming with his dad and grandparents and anything that can get him dirty and stinky!

Rylan, well... he's Rylan!!! He's one bundle of energy yet, and still the entertaining kid he's always been! He'll be 4yrs old next month and amazes me daily with his antics. He's sweet, loving, affectionate, and just wants to be included in whatever anyone is doing. But boy oh boy, does he have a temper when things set him off! He is stubborn, just like my dad (even looks like him a bit if you can believe it). He is very excited to be starting 4yr old Preschool this fall. He'll go 2 full days a week, and can't wait to be a big boy like Cameron! Cameron will be Rylan's bus buddy (if I get the nerve enough to send him on the bus). I'm sure we'll take him the 1st week and see how it goes from there. We're also hoping to get Rylan involved in something like karate or wrestling this summer after he turns 4yrs old. He is one solid kid and you should see him move! He's 52 lbs already and can take anyone down! He is all about sports and super hero's. The exact opposite of Cameron. But like Cameron, he loves swimming, the farm, and all the dirt and mud he can get into!

As for us we're staying busy with our jobs like normal and just enjoying every day with the boys. John and I just took a short trip over Memorial Day to Laughlin/Las Vegas and had a blast! I was also in Vegas last August with some girlfriends and had a good time. We love traveling and have many fun activities and weekend trips planned for the summer!

Here's some pictures just recapping the year so far. We're off to a great start!
This was coloring Easter eggs at my mom's house. Creative kids!Each year for Cameron's birthday, I take a picture of him with a train from our vacation the year before, and have something made. When we went to Colorado Springs, I has a picture of him standing on the front of a steam engine, made into a pillowcase. For this birthday, I took a picture of both boys standing on the Chattanooga Choo Choo in Chattanooga, TN! He loved them, and they turned out SO cute! Amazing what you can customize!

Here is the picture I used! Poor Rylan, he gets drug around to all these trains. Good thing that he doesn't seem to mind!

Rylan's true passion is Spiderman! Oh yes, he even thinks he IS Spiderman. He tries climbing the sides of walls, furniture, even when we're in the grocery store he's flipping down the isles on his hands and legs moving like Spiderman does - like he's about to attach someone! Hopefully I can keep with this blog for awhile now. I hope so many more pictures to share!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Burrrrr it's cold here!

Quite the change for poor Rylan having lived in Guatemala! We've resored to face masks to keep warm here this winter!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Goofy Kids!

Not sure what Rylan was trying to express here, but he kept saying Beefaroni??? He loves dressing silly and acting even sillier!
Well, a train conductor holding Polly the parrot... and a mix of Harry Potter/magician. Hmmm... they must get their sense of dress from their daddy : )

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My 1st Grader!

We got Cameron's 1st Grade pictures back and I thought I'd share! I love them! John picked out the background of old barn boards. I wasn't sure about it at first whether or not I liked it, but after we got them back it suited Cameron perfectly!
This year he has grown leaps and bounds. He is 97th percentile for height and 55% for weight. He's quite a bean pole! His school year started out a little rocky as he wanted nothing to do with going back. But now... he loves it! He's coming home with 100% on his spelling tests and really giving his best efforts at learning. I can see the independence coming forth and the things he's learning are amazing. I mean, some of this stuff he's learning in 1st grade we did in 2nd or 3rd grade for sure!
Life is never dull around our house though. I'm preparing another post of fun pictures of the boys. They love to dress us in the most creative of ways... I'll let your imagination do the rest until I get the post done : )

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm Still Here!

Cameron's first day of 1st Grade! I still can't believe the time has gone this fast. He's doing a great job this year and has learned a lot. Amazing what you now need to know at that age!
A picture from Rock City in Chattanooga, TN over Labor Day. We had lots of fun and always enjoy our family vacations!
Coolige Park in Chattanooga! We walked over the Walnut Street Bridge crossing the river to this neat park. They had an old carousel the boys rode and I had brought their swim trunks with so they could play in these fountains. They were the only ones there! School was back in session there earlier than us, so it worked out kind of nice!
A picture of me with the boys at the Tennessee Aquarium. One of the neatest places ever!
Cameron and Rylan LOVED the penguin exhibit! It was wonderful and a neat way to see them up close!